Tattoo and piercing ARIES TATTOO studio was established more than ten years ago. We prefer a very personal and individual approach with our clients. Quality is our objective, drawn from ten years of experience in Czech Republic and abroad. Come and see!

Aries Tattoo


Aries TattooWhen You want to get a tattoo, it is mostly for whole of Your life. In our studio you can be sure, we will help You with all of procedures about choosing and application of Your new tattoo. None of Your questions will remain unanswered. If You have some, do not hesitate to contact us (at the bottom of the page) or come to our studio and tell us about Your conception!

May I invent any motive for my tattoo?

First, we will speak about Your tattoo – even here are borders and there is no chance to make a complete paint of the Sistine Chapel in a coin-sized tattoo.
From the other hand, we will not limit You in Your ideas. You can choose anything from our catalogue or bring Your own conception.
Do not forget to tell our specialist about Your own conception in advance. We will let You know if Your conception is feasible and eventually give You advices about Your tattoo based on our experiences.

Can I get a tattoo immediately?

We are not fans of spontaneus tattoo ideas after the party night. We will gladly accept any of Your orders, ideally one week in advance. You can use any of contacts below. In the case of more difficult tattoos, we recommend You to make an order up to a month in advance by reason of adjusting details with our tattoo specialist.

How much does a tattoo cost?

Tattoo prices starts from 1 000 CZK and depending on the size, complexity and location, where You want to place the tattoo. It means, we will calculate Your price individually according to Your requirements.



Aries TattooBody piercing, a form of body modification, is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn. Ear, nose, eyebrow, lip, tong, nipple or navel piercing have been particularly widespread. What else do You want to know?

How the piercing process works?

Piercing is done with uniphase sterile needle of B-Braun. All used piercing jewels and tools are sterilised at 180°C (356 °F) for 20 minutes. Whole sterilisation process takes one hour. Process of sterilisation mentioned above is standard at all medical establishments in Czech Republic and certified by Hygienic Authority of Czech Republic. All piercings are done in accordance to all its regulations and laws.

Does a piercing hurt?

Pain is an individual stuff, every person feels the pain differently, but according to our experiences piercing does not hurt, it takes just few seconds.

Is there any threat of infection? What about hepatitis and other contagious diseases?

First, You should choose the right salon. You can get a lot of information about a salon from the first impression. The salon should be clean and personal willing and friendly. Each piercer should have his own sterilizing machine and piercing process should be done according to rules of Hygienic Authority of Czech Republic. In this case You do not have to worry about infections and contagious diseases.

May I visit Your salon just for a consultation?

Of course! If You think about a new piercing and do not know, what awaits You, come and let us explain You all details – it is Your right and proffesional should be willing to answer all of Your questions. Professional approach and willingness reflect quality of service. Do not forget, if You came with questions, it does not mean You have to leave the studio with a new piercing. ARIES TATTOO

How to choose the right jewelry?

Let us give You an advice. Of course You can bring Your own jewelry, but there is no guarantee, it will be suitable. It is not because a piercer wants to sold out all of his own goods. The main reason is, when a piercer uses his own jewelry, he is sure about the quality and origin – he must have got a certificate of quality and health independence, what You usually do not get in a jewelery. Unverified goods with doubtable quality often leads in a better case to longer healing time, in a worse case can appear allergic reactions, for example to nickle, which these kinds of jewelry contains several times more than the standards permitted.

How to care about piercing correctly?

Right care plays a major role – even well done piercing could lead to complications if You do not follow the main principles. Our piercer will give You every advices You need to follow. The most important conditions for smooth recovery in a nutshell are: good health, absence of diseases as diabetes, any contagious diseases, high blood presure, metal allergy (You can solve this by using a proper material!). During the recovery period You should avoid of taking addictive drugs (drugs, alcohol, etc.) and even avoid of antibiotics usage. Our piercer will meet You with all of these principles before the piercing.



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Aries Tattoo